¡Ya tengo mis tres libros en inglés!

Finally, my 3 books translated into English!

Por fin ya tengo mis tres libros traducidos al inglés, otro sueño cumplido gracias a la plataforma Babelcube y a Ulatus

Happy to announce that I finally have the English translation of «Where the beast dwells» thanks to translator Esther Wolburg and Babelcube!

Ebook now available in:

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The ebook will be available soon on Amazon and Google Play!

Do you like the Scottish landscapes? Do you enjoy reading Historical fantasy? Are you attracted by Celtic and Norse mythology? Then Where the Beast Dwells should be your next reading!


Scotland, 15th century

Philip is a young orphan, raised and trained by Stoneheart, a cruel English officer who is part of a conspiracy against the Scottish King James III.

Only one person awakens in Philip feelings very different from hatred: Leathybeth, the daughter of his instructor.

One day, fed up with mistreatment and with nothing to lose, Philip decides to run away to discover his origins. Since he was a child, he liked to get lost in the forest to hunt and feel free. But, without knowing how, he always ended up in a sinister area, plagued by wolves and covered by a dense fog that no one dares to cross. Except for a beautiful, unknown young woman.

Who is this mysterious woman? What is this disturbing place?

Her life and Leathybeth’s will change completely when they discover her.

A dark secret and a terrible common enemy will lead them to forge strange alliances in a bitter struggle in which the ghosts of their past will haunt them at every turn.

Are you ready to discover the darkest Scotland?

Where the beast Dwells book cover and back cover written by Laura Perez Macho
Where the Beast Dwells book cover and back cover written by Laura Perez Macho

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