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Where the beast dwells

Scotland, 15th centuryPhilip is a young orphan, raised and trained by Stoneheart, a cruel English officer who is part of a conspiracy against the Scottish King James III. Only one person awakens in Philip feelings very different from hatred: Leathybeth, the daughter of his instructor. One day, fed up with mistreatment and with nothing to lose, Philip decides to run away to discover his origins. Since he was a child, he liked to get lost in the forest to hunt and feel free. But, without knowing how, he always ended up in a sinister area, plagued by wolves and covered by a dense fog that no one dares to cross... Except for a beautiful, unknown young woman. Who is this mysterious woman? What is this disturbing place? Her life and Leathybeth's will change completely when they discover her. A dark secret and a terrible common enemy will lead them to forge strange alliances in a bitter struggle in which the ghosts of their past will haunt them at every turn.

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Saol Eile

(English version)

The singer of a gothic metal band, a depressed portrait painter, and a psychologist who has changed his profession have something in common; none of them remember how they got to that strange place called Saol Eile. And they don't know how to get out either...

Readers loved the unexpected twists, the short and addictive chapters, and the dark atmosphere surrounding this novel.

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Dreams of the beyond

Terrifying visions, futuristic landscapes, oneiric environments, urban nightmares, supernatural presences, events with no room for a logical explanation. Dreams of the Beyond presents a short-story cocktail by Laura Pérez Macho where she lets us see her love for fiction classics such as The Unknown Dimension, Beyond Limits or Alfred Hitchcock presents, as well as Black Mirror or Love, Death and Robots, among other influences she mentions is her closing remarks. Sophisticated vampires, knocks on the door in the middle of the night, scary woods, and old paintings… they all come alive and plan revenge making each story a startling revelation. These stories are a call to let yourself get lost in the narratives of a young writer devoted to the fantastic genre, who proves through this collection her skills to jump from an apocalyptic scenario to the confines of the universe with just the turning of a page.

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Awakened in the future

Imagine being cryopreserved and waking up two hundred years later. What would you feel? What would the world you find yourself in be like?

This is the story of 39-year-old Alexis Dante, who suffers from a terminal illness and the technology company he works for gives him the option to sign a special clause: donate his body to science. This implies his cryogenization... And being awakened two hundred years later.

Dante XXIII takes place in a decadent future in which high technology makes possible the existence of the human-machine cyborg, with marginal characters and a society subjected to an oppressive regime dictated by the megacorporations that control everything.

A world that, who knows, may cease to be a dystopia and become reality.

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Writer Laura Pérez Macho



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Laura Pérez Macho

Spanish Author
  • About me...

    I was born one cold November in Madrid. And I have northern blood from my parents and grandparents. That's why I have always felt attracted to the Celtic and Viking mythologies. Their culture, their music. That influenced and inspired me to start writing my first novel before I entered university.

    I studied Geological Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM).


    My first novel is Donde mora la bestia (Where the Beast Dwells), which blends historical fantasy with Celtic mythology and is set in 15th-century Scotland. It was published in 2016 by the Seleer publishing house; in 2021 it was reissued by Caligrama, including sheets and drawings of characters made by herself, and obtained the Talent Seal.


    Also, in 2021 I published my Poemario: Vivir, Sentir, Morir in audiobook format, with fantasy as the predominant genre.


    I attended various writing workshops, and narrative and novel planning courses taught by authors such as Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Clara Peñalver, and Rosa Montero, among others.


    In 2022 I published my second novel, Saol Eile, a psychological horror thriller in which the lives of various characters are intertwined, and different topics are dealt with, such as reincarnation and past lives.


    Also, during this year, I published my first book of short stories Sueños del más allá: relatos cortos within the horror, fantasy and science fiction genres.


    In 2023 I published Dante XXIII a cyberpunk dystopia.


    I started sharing my writing knowledge and experiences on my YouTube channel Mi Biblioteca Oscura, and also I created my first online course "Convierte tus ideas en tu novela terminada" in order to help others to write their works.

    My interest in drawing and writing comes from my love of manga and anime since I was a child. I have always enjoyed drawing, inventing characters, and creating a story around them.

    I love science fiction, cyberpunk, horror, and vampire stories, as well as medieval historical fantasy.

  • Inspiring Novelist

    What am I doing lately?

    • Scriptwriter for an audiovisual project: Being part of The Circle of 13 is part of my first audiovisual project collaborating in the creative part with the director and producer Giuseppe Giacri in a project that will be developed into a series of 13 chapters of the mystery, suspense, and horror genre.
    • Collective writing: I also participated with other writers in the writing of four collective writing books with different themes: fantasy, paranormal, autobiography, and awareness-raising on animal adoption, against mistreatment and abandonment.
  • Citizen of the World

    The experience of living and working abroad - first in Ireland and now in Germany - is giving me the opportunity to meet people and cultures from all over the world. It enriches me as a person. It helps my creativity.