Dante XXIII (English version)

«The work shows promising potential within its genre. It is a story that is engaging and easy to read.

Some initial elements evoke reminiscences of notable works such as Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, presenting a situation in which the protagonist wakes up in an unknown environment.»

-Editorial Letra Minúscula-

«With a suffocating start and an exquisitely crafted plot, it manages to transfer the tension from the protagonist to the reader, who cannot stop reading.»

-Roger Domingo, editor and mentor of authors-



Imagine being cryopreserved and waking up two hundred years later. What would you feel? What would the world you find yourself in be like?
This is the story of 39-year-old Alexis Dante, who suffers from a terminal illness and the technology company he works for gives him the option to sign a special clause: donate his body to science. This implies his cryogenization… And being awakened two hundred years later.

Dante XXIII takes place in a decadent future in which high technology makes possible the existence of the human-machine cyborg, with marginal characters and a society subjected to an oppressive regime dictated by the megacorporations that control everything.

A world that, who knows, may cease to be a dystopia and become reality.

-Themes addressed in this novel:

Transhumanism and cryogenization. Death and resurrection. Love and betrayal. LGBT


Discover a future as distant and dystopian as possible


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« The path that leads to Paradise begins in Hell »

– Dante Alighieri – Divine Comedy